• Poker Hut, where people sit down as strangers and leave as friends.

    Poker Hut is where players come to relax. We offer games for every level from beginners to pros. Everyone is equal on the playing field that is the poker table.

$2-$6 Texas Hold’em Standard Montana Rules

$2-$6 Texas Hold’em                                           $.50 /$1.50 No Limit Texas Hold’em

$2 blind                                                                    2 chip big blind ($.50)

No limit overs available                                         $5 min. buy in

$20 min. buy in

Must be at least 18 yrs old to play*

$800 Pot limit

3 raises max unless heads up

Check raise allowed

One player per hand

9 or 10 players max

10% rake up to $4

Must show two cards to win unless the last bet isn’t called

House players identified upon request



Passing chips

Partial cash outs

Side pots (except when a player is all-in)


Rabbit Hunting

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Floor/dealer decisions are FINAL.

*with valid ID


  • Poker Hut, The Grand

    9 Main St.
    Roundup, MT 59072


    Call Us
    Primary Phone Number: 406-208-4068

    Mon: Closed
    Tue: Closed
    Wed: Dime Time 2-?
    Thu: Nightly Game 8-Close
    Fri: Nightly Game 8-Close
    Sat: Closed
    Sun: Closed

  • Bugzs

    1341 Main Street
    Billings, MT 59105


    Mon: 10:00AM
    Tue: 10:00AM
    Wed: 10:00AM
    Thu: 10:00AM
    Fri: 10:00AM
    Sat: 10:00AM
    Sun: 10:00AM