Community Tournament Calendar

  • June Events

    Silver Strike Card Room, Red Lodge
    $135 buy-in with extra $2,000 in starting chips if you pay before 7 PM.
    Frday, June 7th, 7PM
    $130 with late entry and re-entry through the first break. $15,000 starting stack.
    Sunday, June 8th, 1 PM
    Locomotive, Laurel
    $125 Buy-in with one $100 Re-buy. This will be their first tournament under new management and should be quite fun. Let's help them be successful so they will have more.
    Sunday, June 8th, 2PM
  • July Events

    $65 entry with unlimited $20 re-buys for the first 2 hours.
    Sunday, July 13th, 1PM