Billings/Bugzs Heights

Big Game

$2-$6 Texas Hold’em.  This game has a spread limit which allows players to bet from $2 to $6 at any time. It has a minimum buy in of $20.  We also provide no limit overs if players request.

Quarter Game

2 Chip – 6 Chip Texas Hold’em.  This game plays exactly like the big game except for that the chips are all a quarter.  This game has a minimum buy- in of $5 and $25 gets you a whole rack of chips. Player guides are also available.

Roundup/ The Grand

$2-$6 Texas Hold’em is a game everyone can enjoy.  No limit overs are also available. This game has a $20 minimum buy in.



Get the most bang for your buck

$5 max rake is the best around!